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What is Responsive design?

In the early days of the internet, websites were only accessed using a desktop or laptop, all websites used to have a set display resolution making them look good on specific resolutions. Technology has changed rapidly since then due to the ever increasing popularity of display devices such as tablets, netbooks, smartphone and even in-car media platforms. In order to cater for all these screens a website would need to have multiple versions of itself to display correctly on different devices. This is where Responsive design comes in. With responsive web design a web developer can use frameworks or develop the site to display correctly on any device from a single site. The site is made in such a way that it is flexible just like an elastic band but without the distortions, it can be stretched to fit on a large screen or shrunk to fit a mobile screen.

With RecodeIT as your partner in Web Development, we’ll help you to:

  1. Analyse your requirements for your website
  2. Work out the best way to present your information
  3. Manage your project from initiation to launch
  4. Maintain the website after launch